Big Talon 2.4 Update Adds Android Wear Support, Translations, Tweet Scheduling, And More

This last one is more of a PSA than a genuine rumor, but I just want to indicate that accessory companies are going to begin posting up Nexus 5 accessories all over the place with suggested shipping dates. They are by no means official. They’ll also consist of renders of the phone next to cases that will look very established. They aren’t. While many of the companies have the precise specifications or molds for upcoming products so that they are able to get accessories ready with time for release, they’d 100% ruin their romantic relationships with these companies should they post real pictures or renders of the gadgets before they are told they can. They are playing the SEO and marketing game. There is normally nothing wrong with that, we’re just warning you to not look an excessive amount of into these listing as potential start dates or established images. Which isn’t us taking shots at Cruzerlite or Spigen, we’re enthusiasts of both businesses’ products.

Although PressReader itself is free, it’s actually a trial version that limits you to 7 free downloads. If you wish to download more newspapers, you’ll have to sign up for a pricey subscription strategy. You can either pay out 0.79 per download within a PAYG plan or choose the unlimited strategy that may cost you 20.95 a month. That’s simply as expensive as subscribing to an actual PAPER newspaper actually. It’s your decision, but I understand this is likely to be a huge switch off for most users.

In case you were wondering (wait, why would you be?), Apple’s developer meeting, WWDC, kicks off this early morning in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. During their opening keynote, everyone expects them to expose iOS 6 and all sorts of fresh features that will forever change the way smartphones function (sarcasm much?). As you might recall from last year, iOS 5 do a similar thing apparently, however, anyone who has utilized an Google android phone over the last 3-4 years understands that a lot of those recently introduced features were standard fare from day 1 upon this platform. You understand things like, notifications, OTA improvements, tabbed browsing, an IM customer, etc.

The beta version was introduced to greatly help test a series of incoming features, which are outlined in this post on Microsoft’s official Xbox portal. The largest addition over the standard Xbox One SmartGlass application is definitely OneGuide, which translates it scheduling and selection features of the Xbox One’s TV dashboard to the cellular screen. Users should be able to see the complete TV schedule and make programming selections, assuming they possess the Xbox One create with their satellite television or cable television system. A universal remote control function in addition has been added, but again, compatibility may vary based on your setup.

LG’s removable “chin” modules are a fascinating idea – on paper. I’m going to play the bad guy here, but interesting or not really, I seriously question they’ll take off. There are simply way too many hurdles to overcome and inadequate incentive for partners to develop equipment modules for a specific phone that will most likely not even sell all that well. The engineering is normally clever undoubtedly, but the continuing business case seems bunk. Samsung can’t actually get greater than a couple of bespoke USB accessories for his or her uber-popular phones, what makes LG’s effort any more likely to be successful? It’s basically the hardware equivalent of launching your personal app store. Why develop for a single phone within an ecosystem of hundreds? It’s silly and appears utterly foolhardy.

Spy vs spy is a variety of exploration and strategy. You play either the white or the black spy, exploring an embassy looking for five products: money, a passport, a key, the secret programs, and a briefcase to transport them all simultaneously. You need to find each item, placing them in a variety of furniture pieces until the briefcase is had by you. Once you’ve got everything, you can keep the embassy. But hold on, the contrary spy is searching the embassy for the same products also, and there’s only 1 of each. You can eliminate him with immediate melee combat (essentially switch mashing), or hide traps in the various areas he’ll be looking. He’ll also become hiding traps for you personally, so you will have to either prevent them or diffuse them with the counter-actions hidden in each stage. There’s a ticking clock for both spies – finding products and defeating your opponent gets you additional time and reduces his.

Fast, colourful, basic, and addictive, break the brickies and bounce the right path to success. Brickies is definitely a fresh undertake the classic breakout game, with overly busy levels that will keep you thirsty for more action. Use the paddles to release the ball and unleash a number of power ups upon the brickies, but worry in the event that you miss the ball don’t. In Brickies missing a shot doesn’t mean the game is over, it deactivates the ball until you bounce it once again and then you’re back action.